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    • Supersignature

      IOS APP Automated installation assistant

    • Internal test distribution

      Application distribution of sharing platform

    • Label free packaging

      H5 webpage encapsulates app in 1 minute

    • Enterprise signature

      Have high quality certificate resources


      Super signature realizes automatic signature, and users can download and install it without prison break. Bid farewell to the trouble of signing off all year round and help you improve customer retention.

      IOS app super signature system, designed for Apple IOS enterprise signature, IOS personal account, IOS signature, super signature, super signature system, super signature. Provide efficient, fast and stable signature service.

      Internal test distribution

      Professional mobile application internal test service, you just need to upload the application to the platform, the platform will automatically generate download link and QR code, internal test users can scan the QR code on the mobile phone, you can install the internal test application to the mobile phone and other devices for testing.

      Label free packaging

      Quickly start the encapsulation, input the app name and website, support the generation of IOS / Android, and download the installation package after successful encapsulation. 50 + configuration item, support mixed development, JS call native function.

      Enterprise signature

      IOS enterprise certificate signature can be downloaded by users without app store and prison break.

      Exclusive high quality certificate, classified signature, standby certificate, stable and safe, automatic signature, multiple package options.

    Total Downloads

    Renewal application

    Total number of users

    Total number of applications

    Signature comparison

    Signature comparison
    The higher the consumption, the longer the time, the lower the price. You can apply to the staff for cash back after reaching the standard.

    Easy migration: users can download and install in three steps

    Internal test distribution: support other platforms to issue IPA package

    Label free packaging: H5 second change installation package, keep customers become simple

    Shared enterprise signature

    [advantage] unlimited downloads

    [feature] Ultra low price

    [feature] certificate stability

    [feature] multiple certificates synchronization

    [service] sign off and sign up

    [service] free application updates

    TF signature
    [advantages] no restrictions on platform [Characteristics] the gospel of the enterprise signing customers [features] lower than super sign price [feature] IOS signature unlimited downloads [service] Apple signature certificate self upload [service] new customers download free of charge
    Highly recommended

    [support] independent management background

    [support] Apple push function

    [support] multi application publishing management

    [support] self help real time update application

    [initiative] apple / Android distributed on the same platform

    [initiative] custom brand domain name

    [first] custom download page

    [initiative] global promotion of multilingual application

    [first] Multi channel promotion statistics

    [first] promotion area customization

    Internal test distribution
    Highly recommended
    [advantage] free H5 package, 1 minute [advantage] accurate push of advertising information [advantage] Apple Android dual package, merge and download [feature] H5 web page second change Apple App [feature] download process is not limited by Apple [features] second level installation, fast user experience [service] 56 kinds of packet functions [package service] once a year
    Exclusive corporate signature

    [advantage] not affected by other people's app

    [feature] certificate super stable

    [feature] ultra low price

    [feature] unlimited downloads

    [feature] exclusive certificate

    [service] sign off for 2 times free of charge

    [service] free application updates

    Signature free package
    [advantage] not affected by other people's app [feature] certificate super stable [feature] ultra low price [feature] unlimited downloads [feature] exclusive certificate [service] sign off for 2 times free of charge [service] free application updates
    agent cooperation

    Platform advantages

    No worries about speed

    Top level server + super high CDN configuration
    Help app download at high speed

    Stable signature

    Top level server + super high CDN configuration
    Help app download at high speed

    Advanced features

    Top level server + super high CDN configuration
    Help app download at high speed

    common problem

  • How stable is the super signature?

    The probability of super signature dropping is low, and its stability is much higher than that of enterprise distribution mode. Even if the super signature is dropped, only some devices will be affected, and not all devices will be dropped at the same time.

  • Is there any download restriction for super signed app?

    There is no limit on the number of installed applications, no limit on the number of downloads, only charge for the device. Repeated installation will not cost many times.

  • Is the size of the installation package displayed?

    At present, the upper limit cannot be greater than 500m. If you need it alone, please contact customer service.

  • Need to provide app source code?

    No need to provide, just need to provide the IPA installation package in the form of ad hoc.

  • Can super signed apps be found in the app store?

    No, the signed app is directly sending the link and QR code to the user for direct installation, without prison break, no apple account, no apple audit, convenient and quick.

  • How to calculate the expiration time of certificate?

    The expiration time depends on the time limit of the bound certificate when a device downloads. Usually 12 months, the error is less than one week.

  • Do you support downloading from abroad?

    Support for download abroad, and accelerate the whole network.

  • Can the super signed app be distributed on our own website?

    Yes, we support SDK integration of web page and native app, which is convenient and fast.

  • Need IPA client source code provided?

    No need to provide, just provide the installation package in IPA format. Be sure to upload the original package for the first time. Any package that has been signed or damaged may cause app startup failure.

  • Is there a limit on the size of IPA packets?

    The default is within 200m. For applications larger than 200m, please contact customer service (up to 2G)

  • How long does it take for the super signature to complete and download?

    The system uploads self-service signatures 24 hours in the background, usually in seconds to a minute, depending on the network environment or IPA packet size.

  • What is the number of devices? Is it different from the number of downloads?

    The number of devices is the billing unit of super signature of big brother. Multiple apps under the same device (such as mobile phones and tablets) download and install accounts for unlimited times are only charged once, and the more apps are, the more cost-effective. The number of equipment to be recharged in different times can be superimposed.

  • Does the system support free app updates?

    Support and unlimited times, no need to contact customer service, background self-help operation. And it supports automatic update. Check after uploading.

  • Do you support the configuration of exclusive download domain name?

    Yes, it can be set under the domain name configuration module. However, your domain name must be connected to alicloud's filing system.

  • If I recharge 1000 devices now and 2000 devices in two months, how can I calculate the failure time?

    The number of unused devices will never expire.

  • Will super signature drop like enterprise signature?

    The probability of super signature dropping is very low, and even if it is only part of the device is affected, it will not all be dropped together.

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